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Top Applications for Windows 8 (Part 4)

This edition covers the two wonderful and useful apps that can help you stay updated and organized all the time without hassles and making much effort.

WordPress – Microsoft took a revolutionary step by launching the WordPress app to the Windows Store. The metro-style app is designed for those bloggers and readers which like to have the original, fresh, straight-from-the-press content and share and re-share them. You can like, follow, blog, or re-blog any content directly from the WordPress website. Besides, you can share content, link, quotes, or photos straight from any application in Windows 8 to your personal blog. If you are an avid blogger, WordPress app is here for you to instantly write content, publish it and share across all the apps via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram etc. The app integrates Semantic Zoom, a gesture that lets you overview worth of posts by dates. You can download the app (it’s of course a free app) from the Windows Store to start blogging, reading, or sharing the best, original, quality content from your favorite WordPress site.

Evernote – Remember the sticky notes that you use to jot down an important task! It definitely reminds you of wishing someone birthday, buying groceries on returning home, or assigning task to your junior colleague among other things but in a duller manner! You may also be habitual of creating an alarm or reminder in your Smartphone or iPhone to help remember or take note of anything that ever seems important to you. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft launched the Evernote app to Window 8. It simplifies your task of remembering anything, everything anywhere in your world.

It’s time to get past sticky notes, reminders! If you ever need to make a note of anything, use Evernote and experience a rich Metro-style graphics experience to remember everything from Sunday Brunch, birthdays, restaurant lists, recipes, to important office assignments. Unlike sticky notes or reminders, Evernote will automatically sync your notes among your PC, Smartphone, and tablet etc. for you to remember everything whether on-the-go or in your home. The app will also help you find wine labels and whiteboard photos and capture design and idea inspiration for creating rich, graphics-based notes. With Evernote, you can stay organized wherever you are and whatever you are doing. What’s more, this is again a free app that will cost you nothing but offer you everything that will help you remember even a small thing in your life.


Top Applications for Windows 8 (Part 3)

Here in I’ll discuss two revolutionary apps, specifically crafted for Windows 8 operating system to help get you better of your computer.

Weather – The built-in free weather app is a delight for those who like to keep a tab on the local and worldwide weather. Named as ElemImageents Weather Forecast, the app shows up a nice, HD-quality atmospheric view of the accurate 7-day weather forecasts with information about sunrise, sunset, day length, moonrise, moonset, and illuminated. The app supports nautical, metric, and English measurement units that can be chosen individually for any property. For example, you can view temperature in the Fahrenheit format, wind speed in meters per second, precipitation in inches, and distance in miles etc.

The multi-lingual app supports US English, German, French, Chinese (modified), and Japanese languages and works on x86, x64, and ARM processors. You can customize the app to for a single-screen view. Besides, the app follows you where ever you travel to give you the details about the weather forecast etc. If the app is missing from your Metro-style user interface, you can always search for it using Windows Search and pin it to your Desktop.

Keep a tab on your investment – Yes, you can now easily keep a tab on your investment and improve your brokerage with SigFig Portfolio. The free app lets you track and manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using 256-bit SSL encryption. The bank-level security technique (256-bit) makes sure that your financial history, transactions, and information stay protected and away from the unauthorized reach. You can transact worry free and hassle free in an appealing, nice visual environment.

You can view, analyze, and get insights into your investment options, risk, dividends, and returns etc. Besides, the app automatically imports holdings from more than 60+ brokerage firms including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Ameriprise Financial, Citi Wealth Management, Citibank, American Funds, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Edward Jones, and Merrill Lynch among others to you SigFig Portfolio each day and automatically update it each night. The app also offers you critical investment advises and software free of cost unlike other online stock trading websites that charge you a fee for the same.

Top Applications for Windows 8 (Part 2)

Have a look at two below mentioned winning Windows 8 apps.Image

Puzzletouch – Here is an amazing, free app for all you fun- and puzzle-loving people of all ages. The Puzzletouch app has over dozens real and spectacular puzzles in various difficulty levels and sizes to choose and play from. You can choose your picture puzzle from various categories including birds, landscapes, plants, architecture, wilderness, animals, random, custom puzzle, and videos.

Initially when you choose a picture from a category, it is divided in 12 pieces that you will need to jumble up. You can adjust the number of pieces from the available options as desired. The puzzle also has the option of Full-Screen view, zoom, auto-win, and hint. You can also save the game for later use.

You can also create your own, personalized puzzles using your camera art work. Yes, you can create a puzzle using a picture stored on your computer. What’s more, you can share your puzzles via Twitter, Facebook, email, and link with your other fun-loving friends or family members.

The picture-puzzle app works on x86, x64, and ARM processors. It also supports multi-touch and 360º rotation screen view in spectacular and high-quality puzzle pictures. Yes, you can scatter pieces and rotate them on a 360º angle to add to complete your puzzle.

Air Soccer – It is yet another free, dynamic game app designed for soccer fans. Derived from the popular Windows Phone 7 game, Air Soccer offers a realistic and dynamic high-quality graphics gaImageme mode to the players.

The app has 12 soccer fields and 6 soccer balls to choose from with 86 team flags and 1- and 2-player mode. There are 4 skill levels viz. Beginner, Amateur, Professional, and World Class to choose from and 3 game speeds viz. Slow, Medium, and Fast. So, if you are a slow-paced gamer, choose Slow speed. As you progress on (or if you desire to quickly skip to the desired speed), choose from Medium or Fast.

There are Yellow and Red card foul types and bookings with the turn off & on feature. The app also has 1 common Team Crowd Chant and 6 team-specific chants meant for US, UK, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan. There is also the automatic game save, pause, and restore feature that will help you either save a match, pause, or restore it as desired.

You can also choose from a match modes viz. Target Goal match and Timed match. So, if you feel that you can steer clear of the obstacles to hit the goalpost, download the app today and enjoy playing with your friends or family members.

Top Applications for Windows 8

The apps are available in Windows Store for download. You can download, install, and uninstall them any time you want for your convenience and ease.

News Republic – If you have a taste and an eye for every news and single-minute detail about the entire world, the News Republic app is here for you. Over 10,000 breaking news from various reliable sourcImagees have been rallied to signpost you about the latest trends and news of the entire world. The app lets you choose your topics of interest from more than 120,000 topics including World, Entertainment, Tech, and Sports categories to give you a personalized experience of reading and watching news. Besides, you need not rely on the RSS feeds for your daily dose of news and events. Get them right from the app in full (yes, full articles and no wackiest RSS Feeds) and share them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email etc. The app supports Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Google TV, and Android Tablet.

If you are a smart reader, explore more via TagNav™, a novel news navigation system integrated in News Republic. What’s more, you can create a personal news channel related to your chosen topics and explore news and full photos via TagNav™. Get your regional edition of News Republic today if you are in the US, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and LatAm and International. The app offers a true, personalized, and enhanced news reading experience to you as said by CNET – “News Republic Offers the Cure for Infobesity”.

Soluto – The self-help Metro-style app is designed to help you fix your or your friends’ or family’s technical issues instantly. Yes, the app turns you in a remote tech wizard to help remotely fix technical issues related to computers running Windows 8 , 7, Vista, and XP. The full-screen app supports a touch-screen dashboard and lets you remotely access the PC(s) of youImager friend or family member even if they are in another country. You can see every detail of the PC on the flip side from the operating system, model, default browser, CPU, RAM, Graphics, Mainboard, to installed apps in different sections.

With Soluto, you can install Dropbox and Skype among other useful apps. The app also automatically installs updates and provides information about the available disk space, when to defrag and clear disk space etc. to help keep your computer running fast and smoothly.

The app is designed to support 5 PCs free of cost. Provided that the number of PCs exceeds 5, the app becomes chargeable. You can sign in with your existing Soluto account; create a new one, or using a Facebook account. Once logged in, you can add people to your account to access their PC(s) and other hardware and software related information to either fix a technical issue or install an app or software.

CookBook – If you are looking for a perfect, yet different recipe to impress your family members or friends, judges, CookBook is for you. This is a true, Metro-style app that offers recipes from more than 200, 000 delicious and mouthwatering appetizers, dishes, salad, soups, and desserts in tantalizing high-quality graphics.

CookBook offers just the right blend of spicy, yummy information and graphics in the right full-screen view. You can search as well as bookmark your favorite recipe and can start cooking right away or add it to the TrySoon list unless you are ready. The high-quality pictures will certainly make you hungry and compel you to cook something to appease your taste buds right away.