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The technology is redefining itself with the latest buzz “cloud computing”. More and more users and enterprises are moving from local data storage to cloud backup solutions. But are you aware of “how to check if your cloud storage service is down”

Here are the status check page for different cloud storage service providers.

The Dropbox status page provides the status for Dropbox web access, as well as desktop client access. Details of updates are also provided below the status box. To check Dropbox status, go to http://status.dropbox.com.

Apple’s iCloud status page provides current details for their services. You can also view details of any recent issues. To check iCloud status, go to http://www.apple.com/support/icloud/systemstatus.

Google Drive
Google’s Apps Status Dashboard provides the status of multiple Google services, including Google Drive. When there’s an outage or disruption icon, you can click on it for more details. To check Google Drive status, go to http://www.google.com/appsstatus.

The Box (formerly, Box.net) status page breaks down the status of individual functions. You can see the status of downloads, sharing, sync, uploads, and more. To check Box status, go to http://status.box.com.

Microsoft’s Live status page lists SkyDrive, as well as Hotmail, Calendar, Messenger and other Live services. To check SkyDrive’s status, go to https://status.live.com.

KloudBox is a service of Vtechsquad Inc. a leader in online technical support. KloudBox is backed by technology that has  been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice backup solution for the last three years.  To check KloudBox’s status, go to https://www.kloudbox.net.

source: www.cnet.com

If you are looking for steps to block some website here is a step by step guide to perform the same through browser settings in different browsers.

For Internet Explorer

1. Load your Internet explorer
2. Click Tools
3. Click Internet Options


4. Click the Privacy tab
5. Under the Privacy window, Click Sites
6. Type in the site address that you want to Block and Click OK.



For Google Chrome

1. Open your Chrome Web Browser
2. Click the wrench symbol in he upper right corner.
3. Choose Options
4. Click Under the Hood tab.
5. Go down to the Network. Choose Change Proxy Settings.
6. Click Security, click Restricted Sites
7. Double click Sites and add the site you want block

Microsoft announce its new tablet named “Microsoft Surface” this Monday on 18th July 2012. Microsoft Surface is a move to compete with Apple’s iPad and the other manufacturers in the market.

It happens to all of us, we are in a need to email or reply to an important Imageoffice conversation, respond to friends mail, email across the recent pics to your relatives and suddenly find that Microsoft Outlook is not opening and even not responding the way it was. This really annoys mean personally, because i am a kind of person who does his share of work when the dead lines strike.

Microsoft Outlook or similarly any other program can stop working due to many reasons, it can be that your computer is to busy with past operations that you have assigned to it. A anti-virus scan in progress, a recent Microsoft updates may also do this to your email client.

Here are some of the common steps that you can take if your Microsoft Outlook is not working.

Step 1: Close all the open programs on your computer and restart your computer. Most of the times this fixes such issues if they is no major problem with your Microsoft Outlook program.

Step 2: Look for the programs that are running on your computer. If a antivirus scan is in progress it may have locked out your Microsoft Outlook program. If any suspecting virus infection is detected among your emails antivirus programs do lock the outlook from further access, till the scan is complete. So let the antivirus finish scanning and delete the file.

Step 3 : Restore your computer to an earlier date when you were able to open Microsoft Outlook. Some of the times it happens that some Microsoft updates/driver updates, if not completed properly makes programs to work freaky.

Step 4: If you are not able to send or receive the email’s in Microsoft Outlook, check if your computer is connected to the Internet or not. If you are not connected to internet in that case you wont be able to send or receiver your emails 🙂

Step 5: If you are receiving error messages like

The Action Cannot be Completed” or “Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable” or “Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook.

There could be chance that your Microsoft Outlook client does not have a default gateway configured. Configure your email client with default gateway.

I have been working in online remote technical support domain from last 5 years, wanted to start a blog from long time. But it didn’t happened ever. Thankfully today i am up here with one i.e.LetzFixIT, but wait ?

what is this going to be, haven’t decided yet; a lot of things are going inside by head.

One thing that i am going to start with in this post is a common Microsoft Outlook problem that most of the customers ask for assistance with “How to check Microsoft Outlook email”.

Here is a step by step guide to help them out with their queries on checking their outlook emails.

Step 1 : Click on Stat –> Click on All Programs –> Click on Microsoft Office –> Click on Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 [Check Email in Microsoft Outlook 2010].

Below image shows the steps carried out in Step 1


Step 2 : When Outlook opens, click “View.” A drop-down menu appears on which you should click “Current View.” and then click “Unread Messages in this Folder”.

Step 3 : Click the “Inbox” folder in the side panel to check your Outlook inbox. Click any of the other boxes to see the mail inside

Note : If you still not see any mails, probably you don’t have any unread messages or any new message in the folder. If you are suspecting that mails are not coming check Why outlook is not receiving e-mail messages ?